Isabelle (dig_my_grave) wrote in i_did_lakini,

Well as you can imagine...i was quite shocked when i was in sync with  lakini...i was quite aware of him at all.

It was a regualr day...i was going for a walk at the local park.

I got my keys and got into my small car.

When i arrived at the park. I had to lock to door to insure that my small car wouldnt get stolen. As i was locking the door...i dropped the keys.

And as you can imagine i had to bend over and pick them up. Wearing a skirt and a little something underneath... lakini just came from behind and did his work... at first i was a little shocked...but after the first few seconds passed...i was at an orgasmic peak...before i knew was gone as soon as it came.

I got a glimpse of his face before he dissappeared into the shadows...and that is my story...simple...yet seductive.


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